Pregnancy symptoms, when can you observe them?

If you want to become pregnant, pay attention to the smallest signals. You could notice the first signs of a pregnancy after implantation. Pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone: one feels nothing at all and the other immediately understands it. Below you can read common pregnancy symptoms. For further details check out generic over the counter clomid at walmart


If you want to become pregnant , don’t forget that your body can fool you. A woman can get symptoms that may indicate a pregnancy, while she is not pregnant! We call this sham pregnant. If you are really pregnant, the symptoms also resemble menstrual problems. Difficult! Do you really want to know for sure if you are pregnant , do a pregnancy test . But because you sometimes feel everything before you should have your period and before you can test, these are common pregnancy symptoms in a row.


Your breasts feel very sensitive? You feel your nipples much more? This is also a common pregnancy phenomenon. Many women say that this is one of the first symptoms you feel or notice. Already one or two weeks after fertilization of the egg you can get sensitive breasts. This is because the blood flow in the breasts has now improved. That is why you can also see more veins and you can also get dark nipples.


Headache can also occur early in pregnancy. If you really have a headache much more often than usual or if the headache is  much longer and more severe, then you have the chance that you are pregnant. You should therefore also pay attention to aspirins if you are deliberately trying to conceive: too many medicines are of course not good for the baby.


You have to go to the bathroom more often to pee? This can also mean that you are  pregnant  . This is because the uterus starts growing and presses against the bladder. Therefore you have to go to the toilet more often.


Because your womb is getting bigger, everything stretches more. You can therefore suffer from pain and stabs in the lower abdomen. This can already be a few days after conception .


After ovulation you may suffer from more discharge from your vagina. This is because your hormone household is changing.


You may experience dizziness. In addition to pregnancy , there may also be an indirect cause such as anemia. Always tell the midwife if you suffer from dizziness.


Back pain can occur at the start of pregnancy, especially the lower half of your back. This can also continue if your belly grows and you therefore have to carry more weight.


Women who are just pregnant indicate that they have a distinct taste in their mouths. They describe this as an iron flavor.


Fatigue is a common phenomenon. Your body changes enormously, so it is not surprising when you are tired and exhausted. This pregnancy phenomenon often (fortunately) lasts for 3 months. After that you will probably be a lot less tired. At the end of your pregnancy you can get tired again by the size of your belly.


Your eyes may feel a bit dry at the beginning.


You burst into tears for no reason? Or are you suddenly very angry for nothing? The hormones are running through your body, so it is not surprising that you are more emotional than normal. You can actually compare it to your mood during your period.


There is no arrow to raise, but the diet of a pregnant woman changes. It may be that you have absolutely no appetite for certain products or that you are really craving for something that you normally do not like. You can also get huge binge eating . However, this is not something that only occurs in the beginning. You can enjoy this during your entire pregnancy!


Do you suddenly smell much better? It may even be that you can smell things that other people don’t even notice. An advantage and a disadvantage. You will be able to smell those tasty sandwiches from afar, but a sewer on the other side …


This is one of the most well-known phenomena. You often hear that you  are nauseous in the morning (hence the English name morning sickness ), but in many cases women also appear to be nauseous during the day.


You can also (sometimes regularly) suffer from heartburn. The muscles at the top of your stomach that normally stop the digestive juices work less during your pregnancy.


Is your menstruation not coming in? Well, this is of course the most obvious phenomenon. You can do a pregnancy test the day your menstrual cycle should begin. Are you not pregnant according to the test? Then do it again in a few days. You may not have enough HCG (the pregnancy hormone) in your urine to be noticed by the test. It can also happen that you lose a little blood while you are pregnant. This is what they call implantation bleeding. This bleeding is less severe than normal menstruation and lasts much shorter.

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That is a difficult question, because nobody can tell you exactly. Doctors and obstetricians often start counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. We keep this official count when giving the information and discussing symptoms, so week 1 actually means the first day of your last menstrual period. It also means that you are not actually pregnant yet! A new cycle has yet to begin and fertilization has not yet taken place. At the end of week 2, most fertilization takes place and you can really call yourself pregnant.


When will I be fertile?  And when is the chance of getting pregnant the greatest ? If you would like to become pregnant, it is useful to know when your fertility is highest. You are most fertile 3 days before ovulation and 2 days after. Very nice, but when is that? How can I know exactly when my ovulation is ? You do not know this exactly in advance either. A common tip is to have sex from the 8th day after the first menstrual day, and then every day until the 18th day so that you have the best chance of becoming pregnant .

Menstrual cycle

Then why do you have to have sex so regularly? Ok, now it sounds like it’s a punishment, but we can imagine that you wonder why the best sex time is around 10 days. This is due to ovulation: women often think it is 14 days after menstruation, but it is 14 days before menstruation. The difference? If you have a regular cycle this does not matter, you will get ovulation on day 14. However, if you have a cycle that lasts 32 days, you will not get ovulation on day 18! If you suddenly do your very best around the 14 days and then think that everything is okay, you will be disappointed.

Ovulation test

Now you don’t have to puzzle everything together yourself, there are also special ovulation tests available that can predict when you will get ovulation. These tests work almost the same as pregnancy tests, only they measure the LH hormone instead of the HCG hormone. With 2 dark stripes you know that ovulation won’t take long. Get started then!


You can already do a pregnancy test if you are one day late, but it is advisable not to take the test too quickly. Your body needs time to make the HCG hormone and that is only possible after the egg has been fertilized. Soon you will be disappointed for nothing!